“Like a tired they’ve gradually been letting the air out of”

Here’s an article from Springfield on the state budget and its impact.  It mentions the impact of a $300,000 cut to a $9 million dollar agency.  Imagine the impact of the  proposed $190,000 cut on SU’s $2.5 million dollar budget.  Although human service agencies are but one in a large chorus in speaking about the impact of this year’s cut, we have been going through this every year for a while now.

Article from Quincy

This article does a good job of summing up the state of human services in Illinois the past few years.  It’s been an annual struggle to even maintain funding for services, much less bring Illinois out from the bottom-of-the-heap among states.  Once again this year, we will do our best to advocate for the financially efficient supports people need to live and work in the community.

State Budget Address

Not surprisingly, the first bit of news on the FY11 Illinois State Budget is grim.  As proposed, all of SU’s grants will be eliminated;the rest of our state funding will see a 2.5% reduction; and the state will start paying us a month and a half later than they already are.  Illinois is in a terrible financial status, but hopefully things will improve for us as the budget process proceeds.  The people we serve and their families rely upon us.