Chords for Careers (Concert this Saturday)

"Chords for Careers"

Streator’s 1st annual fundraiser dedicated to

Streator Unlimited

11a.m July 31st, 2010

Join us in the City Park for a day filled with great music, artists, jewelry, raffles, and of course, food!

All proceeds to benefit Streator Unlimited.

Musicians featured:

  • The Dylan Torres Experience
  • Amber Kay
  • Tim Dial
  • Tim Ajster
  • Joey Figgiani
  • Mark Piecha

Open Mic from 4:15 to 5:45!

Edge of the Abyss

A national perspective on Illinois’ budget situation which paints a very grim picture.

Even with limited resources, there are better ways to prioritize spending.

We’re still waiting on SU’s budget details as the Illinois Department of Human Services works to implement their budget targets.  At is stands at the moment, state grants for Workshop, Supported Employment, and Client and Family Supports have been eliminated.  Also under consideration is a 2.5% cut to all our other state funding.  The statewide waiting list for services now tops 20,000 people.  Of even greater concern, if that is possible, is the state getting further and further behind on what it already owes us.

Our employees’ dedication have helped SU make it this far in the budget crisis.  Employees are hurting because we’ve cut a lot, we’ve reduced some opportunities for consumers within our programs, but we have managed to avoid layoffs and service terminations to this point.  We’ll go as far as humanly possible to continue to carry out our mission, but at some point we’re going to need help and not hurt from the State of Illinois.