National DSP (Direct Support Professional) Week

This week is National DSP Week.  A great place for information is right here.  Illinois is also recognizing National DSP Week.  An association in New York made a video to recognize the week.

We are incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated direct care employees here at SU.  They are some of the most important people in the lives of the people we serve.  For some they provide critical personal care to keep consumers healthy and safe.  For others, they assist to reach their dreams.  The incredibly work they do, day in and day out, is underfunded to a terrible degree.

Progress since Olmstead?

Here is a report on how states are doing implementing the US Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision, saying that people have a right to services in their community and should not have to move into institutions to have them.

“So why have some States made significant progress complying with the ADA’s integration mandate and others made none?  Generally it is due to a lack of leadership, a a lack of responsiveness to the requests or demands of persons with disabilities, and lack of compliance with federal law.” (page 8)

Illinois?  We’re listed with other states having the fewest people with developmental disabilities living in their own homes or small group homes with 6 or fewer persons.