Open House Well Attended/Veto Session

Thank you to everyone for making yesterday’s Open House a big success.  Many people were surprised by how big our building is and how many different things go on here, from the classes to the paint line, ironing, engraving, shredding, tote-cleaning, repackaging, gardening, transportation, services, in the homes, etc.  Sometimes we have a hard time keeping track of all the different things we do ourselves!  We even got a lead during the course of the day on a potential job for the workshop.

Here is an article on the veto session.  The restoration of our eliminated funding is not mentioned in the article, but this is our last chance.  Please call your elected officials to let them know you’d support them in doing this.

“Behind the Headlines” Open House

We’re having an open  house on Sunday, November 14, from 10 am – 2 pm.  Please come tour, and encourage everyone you know.  There are still a lot of people in the Streator Community who don’t know who we really are yet. We’re also getting asked lots of questions about the recent articles in the Times.  People who come through are always surprised and good things always come from more people knowing us and the good work we do.  This is very important to us, so please help us have a good turnout.


Out of our hands

Another article in the Times.  A look at the numbers behind our services is incredibly powerful.  One real example (made anonymous for the sake of confidentiality) shows that our services helped one person earn enough that it saved taxpayers $1,812 in Social Security benefits last year while increasing that person’s income by $5,460, all spent here in the local Streator Economy.  Another shows how our services saved taxpayers’ money be decreasing Medicaid medical costs by $11,526 last year.  These are just two out of the 32 people whose funding was cut by the State of Illinois.  And these were not one-time savings, but ongoing over  years.  Services to people with developmental disabilities make cold-hearted economic sense, and that doesn’t even begin to touch the enhancements in quality of life and ability to contribute to one’s community.