Facts, figures, and mercy pleas

This information is from the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, 25 April 2011.


  • 3,600 adults receive Home Based Services under HCBS Waiver
  • 1,300 children receive HBS through the Waiver
  • 8,700 adults in CILAs
  • 1,100 adults in other residential, non-CILA settings
  • 6,500 in DD long-term care: ICF/DDs and nursing homes
  • And 2,144 in SODCs
  • AND 22,000 Illinois citizens with disabilities are waiting for services (PUNS database)


The Chicago Community Trust in issued a white paper, Quest for Equality: Breaking the Barriers for People with Disabilities, A Call to Action for Illinois’ Leaders in November 2010. Its analysis of Illinois’ expenditures for long-term care for Medicaid recipients with disabilities:

  • Only 28% currently for community supports
  • But 72% for institutional care.

Its recommendations:

  • Expand the number of families receiving consumer-home-based support services.
  • Phase out SODCs.
  • Reduce reliance on nursing homes.

And, on the national front we have this year’s state Medicaid rankings.  Illinois maintains its place in the bottom rank of states.  Information here.

Finally, know that SU’s funding difficulties are not unique as social service agencies ask for budget mercy.  Even some lawmakers express frustration.

Budget Article and Fact Sheets

An editorial includes information from IARF (the Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities.)

You can visit the source directly http://www.iarf.org/ for more information. Look under the grey and red SOS banner. We often associate advocacy for community services for people with disabilities with an emotional appeal, but the fact of the matter is, these services make good economic sense.

The ARC has a new budget FAQ and also an electronic petition on their website:
http://www.thearcofil.org/LegislativeToolkit/index.asp. Please go submit a signature today.

Deeper Cuts, Deeper Pain

Family Health

Decrying Cuts

State budget testimony by the ARC

Available here:  http://www.thearcofil.org/document.asp?did=2749

At this point a 6% cut is proposed to all of SU’s rates from the state for the coming fiscal year, to begin July 1.  This is based on the governor and Senate’s revenue projection of $34 billion.  If the state uses the House’s revenue project of $33.2 billion, the cuts may be worse.  And the state only saves 3% from the 6% cut, just half the money, because the other half of the money is match money from the federal government, which we as a state will just be giving up.  The 6% cut would be around $100,000 for SU.  We’re not ready to think about the impact of that at this point.


Violation of Federal Law?

The Institute on Public Policy for People with Disabilities, shared a letter to the Department of Justice about Illinois’ funding of community services for people with developmental disabilities:


They make a lot of good points.


Meanwhile, the LIFE campaign gathers steam:


Become a fan today!






You can also take a look at their fact sheet regarding the proposed state budget for the coming fiscal year beginning July 1: LIFE! FACT SHEET 4 11 11