Budget Season Approaches

The Times reported yesterday on a report from the Civic Federation.  It paints a grim picture of the state budget in the coming years.  with regard to our state funding, we’re taking things one year at a time here at SU.  All of our grants are gone and the state funding we receive comes through the Medicaid Waiver.  Any cuts there would either take the form of cutting rates or paying us even later.  We are hopeful that the rebalancing initiative of closing the state institutions will help stabilize funding for community services, but we’ll have to wait and see.  In the meantime, we’re doing all we can to keep cutting expenses and increasing revenue where we can…getting grants to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting so we save on our electric bills which run $2-4,000/month for our main building, developing our shredding business, continuing to keep the opportunities for community outings for our consumers low,holding onto or increasing our contract jobs, and applying for grants to support what we do.  We worry, but are not overly pessimistic.  We know that we can do amazing things when we all pull together.

Letter of support for the new home dated April 2009

I was sorting papers from the construction of the new home and came across this.  Looking at the date, it’s amazing what a long road this has been.  We truly hope the author of this succinct and beautiful letter would have been pleased by the outcome.  And to think we’ve still got to get through the funding conversion and getting the house furnished and ready….

State Budget in 2012

We’re a ways out from budget season, but a small crop of articles on the state budget for the coming year are out.  SU was approved for the Expedited Payment Program in November.  At that point state payments were so far behind that we were in danger of running out of credit (the cash was already gone) to pay our salaries and bills in just three weeks.  It’s scary to think where we and other providers in the state would be if that program weren’t available.