Budget Season Begins

The Times uses the word Doomsday in its editorial regarding Governor Quinn’s budget address.  Of course, the doom and gloom regarding the state budget is nothing new, but at least there are glimmers of hope that the state is ready to come to grips with it.  So far, the only effect on SU for next fiscal year would be getting paid  a little bit later yet.  The rates the state pays us for services would remain the same.  That’s still a challenge, given rising costs and many cuts over recent years, but it’s better than being on the chopping block right at the outset.  Of course, there’s a long ways to go so we’ll have to keep an eye on things as the budget process plays itself out.

A quick note on the new home:  we have Internet now, cable (theoretically) is coming next week.  The state Bureau of Accreditation and Licensure has certified the new home as a CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) though they’ve yet to do so for Knox, our existing group home.  We’re also waiting for the Rates Unit to process approval letters for funding for our 16 current Knox residents.  All in all, we’re getting close, but we don’t know how fast the state will get these last few things finished for us.  As you can imagine, residents are in a state of excitement about the move or, for those staying at Knox, getting their own private bedrooms.

Nice Open House

Thank you to everyone who made it last night.  We had a good turnout, tasty food, and are already $248 closer to our goal.  If you’re ever wondering how you can help out SU:

  • Write a check to help us reach our goal.
  • Get someone else to write a check.
  • Dedicate a fundraiser to SU.
  • Help us find some shredding jobs.
  • Help us find other contract work–we can do all sorts of things.
  • Anything that is a sit-down job that about everyone can do is fantastic.
  • Invite us to bring a consumer to your business to learn about different types of jobs.
  • Volunteer to help with Food for Thought 2012.
  • Bring a group in to take a tour.  We never know how, but something good always comes out of a tour.