State Rankings 2012

The UCP State Rankings are out.  Not surprisingly, but still, sadly, Illinois ranks as the 48th worst state in the country.  We continue to serve a great many people in large institutions and have a huge waiting list of people needing services but unable to get them.

In terms of the FY13 state budget, we’re still waiting to see how things work out.  In the next few days we’ll be trying to analyze how the Medicaid cuts passed by the House and Senate will impact SU and the people we serve.  This will be mainly in terms of health care for our residents, we think at this point, which could very well get very expensive.

All dressed up and ready to go

Designs and Signs did a great job on our shredding truck!  Our shredding business has grown gradually…we now have some monthly pickups and continue to get new one-time customers as well.  Most businesses are really glad to have someone local available with the service and it is fantastic work for the people we serve.


Budget Season Update

Normally this time of year we do a lot of posting on the state budget.  It’s not that the state budget isn’t in the news, but it isn’t clear whether/how Streator Unlimited’s services could be affected.  The state already cut all grant funding, so that no longer hangs in the balance, vulnerable to reductions or elimination (did we think we’d ever miss those days?).  What remains is state Medicaid Waiver funding.  This receives federal match dollars, so has federal rules attached to it, and so is more difficult to cut.  Due to the new health care laws, the state cannot eliminate anyone’s funding for the next few years without losing significant federal dollars for all of the Medicaid program.

What the state could do is reduce the funding rates for SU and other community providers.  This is a possibility, given the plan to cut a lot of Medicaid spending in the state.  So far we haven’t seen a rate cut as part of a specific plan.  This may be due to the fact that community providers have been cut so hard in recent years that we simply can’t handle more and be able to deliver decent services.  It may also be because the state is closing institutions that house people with developmental disabilities and needs community providers to be able to serve them.  Even so, the state doesn’t have enough resources to go around and will have to make cuts somewhere.  We’ll be watching closely these next two weeks.