Business as Usual

The late payments are nothing new to those of us providing services  funded by the state of Illinois.  We do feel that the fiscal year beginning July 1 will be a stable, if unspectacular one, for SU.  We’ll have to watch our cash flow very carefully and make it through the hoops of the expedited payments process at the appropriate time.  Even so, the full impact of the Medicaid cuts on healthcare costs for our residents remains unclear.

Survey Says

2012 State Survey Report

We just finished our annual state survey of our day and residential programs.  We were really happy to come out at 99.6% on our Developmental Training Program and 100% on our CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) Residential Program.  You can see the forms DHS uses when they do surveys at their website, if you’re interested in seeing all the different things they look at.

FY13 Budget Update post

It’s nice to have a state budget passed as we plan for the fiscal year beginning July 1.  However, it’s still very difficult to project the impact the Medicaid cuts will have on the expenses we have for our residents’ health concerns.  At this point in time it looks like we’ll be financially stable in the coming fiscal year, assuming continued support for our workshop program through donations and fundraising.  We’ve been working hard to make the program as self-sufficient as possible, reducing costs and increasing subcontract prices as we’re able and of course by developing our secure document destruction business.