Front Page Article

We’re on the front page of the Times today!  It being an election  year, do we sound like politicians running for election with phrases like “cautiously optimistic” or “stable for now”?  It’s hard to do a good job of articulating that we’re financial stable for the moment, optimistic about the long term future, but still nervous about the outlook for the next few years.  That picture of Jim in his room is the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen!

Food for Thought 2012

Food for Thought is back again this year!  We’ve tweaked the format based on our experience last year.  We lengthened the time of the vendor s how and, instead of a big show in the auditorium we’ll have half hour food demonstrations right there in the commons.  There will once again be lots of prizes to be won as well!  Tickets are now on sale at Centrue Bank and here at SU.


Dental Issues

Here is an article on dental issues regarding people with developmental disabilities.  It’s not a new problem but is an ongoing one.  The recent Medicaid cuts removed funding for preventative care for adults, though SU is required to assure residents in our group homes receive it.  Even with Medicaid, the dental rates were so low and the payments so late that it was a losing proposition for dentists to serve people under that funding source.  There is a state grant that supports the Milestone dental clinic up in Rockford–this has been a great help to many in the state, and we are grateful that that grant has survived so far.  Though it is an economic issue, it is relatively small for SU in relation to the other cuts we have received over the past several years, and it’s difficult to argue that the state needs to make cuts but that there should never be a cut in our own area.