Bill Hearing

The Illinois House and the Illinois Senate will be hearing bills to increase funding so that Direct Care Employees can make a living wage.  If y you’d like to express your support, you can fill out a witness slip for both the House and Senate Bills.  Our direct care staff truly deserve better wages for the important work they do, and shouldn’t have to leave the field in order to make a living wage.

Nine Charts – Article

This article was not new information for us.  Sometimes we feel like a broken record talking about the lack of state funding.  Sometimes we worry that people will think that’s what we’re going to keep saying forever and forever and it will never be enough.  This article is a good reminder that it’s not us, it’s the state.Where we are really feeling the strain right now is in staffing.  It’s very difficult to hire and keep direct care staff due to the fact that we can’t afford to offer higher wages.  It’s a big deal and keeps getting worse.  We can agree that the state does indeed have its own financial difficulties.  We can also agree that they could be doing better for people with disabilities.