Looking forward to the New Year?

It’s hard to know what 2010 will hold for Streator Unlimited.  On the plus side, we’ve got a stable and dedicated staff with a lot of motivation to do the best we possible can for the people we serve.  On the minus is the unreliable payment from our main funder, the State of Illinois.  Agencies from Central Illinois to the Chicago Area are grappling with the same challenges.  So are schools. And Illinois’ debt continues to grow.  We are very grateful for all the support we have received from our local community over the holiday season.  We will continue to put our best efforts towards our mission in the coming year.

Late Payments Continue

Here’s an article from the Rockford Register Star.  Streator Unlimited is no exception when it comes to late payments from the State of Illinois.  We continue to spend as little as possible and borrow money (and pay interest) in order to pay our employees and bills.  So far we’ve managed to get by, but we live in daily fear that things will be stretched past the breaking point before Illinois’ issues are resolved.