Selling Candles through December 10!!

Jenny Preston is doing a follow up to the tremendously successful candle fundraiser she put together last year.  As last year, the proceeds will go towards program supplies and activities at day program.  This year we have Gold Canyon Candles, selling 26 oz for $23.00, 16 oz for $19.50, or 8 oz for $15.50.  Please drop by the office or give us a call to come sample the different scents we have available.  Jenny will be faxing in the order December 10 so the candles can be shipped here to SU before Christmas.

Illinois in financial peril

This really isn’t news to anyone who receives funding here in Illinois.  Between being at the bottom of the list in terms of funding community services for people with developmental disabilities and near the top of the list of states in financial peril, where does that leave agencies who depend on state funding to serve people with disabilities? We keep reminding ourselves not to worry overmuch:  finish worrying about this fiscal year before worrying the next.  But that next year is looming as a frightening thing.

SU received a payment of $789.64 from the State of Illinois.  This doesn’t make much of a dent in the more than $500,000 they are behind on paying us, but it does cover the interest on the money we borrowed in October and November (so far) to stay current on our own payroll and bills.

You can find the complete states-in-peril report on this page.