Secure Document Destruction

Secure Document Destruction

Work is incredibly important to the people with disabilities whom we serve.  For some it’s an important source of income when they are not yet able to achieve community employment; for most it gives a sense of pride and self-worth.  We do our best to have a wide variety of jobs available so that our consumers can experience a wide variety of jobs.  This helps them to learn what they like and don’t like as well as where their talents are best utilized.  Another important part about the jobs we do is that money we bring in from them not only pays our consumers’ wages, but also helps pay to support their services.  We have staff who coach on jobs, case managers who plan services and help make sure they have stable living conditions and access to healthcare.  We create opportunities to be a part of the community, whether through attending events, going on recreational outings or simply going out to dinner.  If you use our shredding services, you don’t just get a quality service, you also help people become more independent,lead better lives, and  be less dependent on government benefits.


Secure Document and Hard Drive Destruction Services

Allow Streator Unlimited to fulfill your document or computer hard drive destruction needs.  Besides getting quality service from us, you’ll be supporting job opportunities for people with
disabilities here in Streator.

We accept small walk-in orders between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm weekdays and can take you back to see your documents shredded if you like. Please call for an appointment.

We can bring our mobile shredding truck to your business location and provide services there.  Contact us at (815)673-5574.

We can provide lockable bins to be located at your place of business which we can come and shred on a regular schedule as well.

We don’t require a contract.

We can provide a Certificate of Destruction.

Paper Shredding

We can take care of all your shredding needs. This is the perfect way for hospitals, medical offices, banks, schools, churches, and the general public to dispose of private documents with comfort. Shredded materials are sent out to be pulped and all documents are shredded to IRS standards, certificates of destruction are available, as well as pickup with our mobile shredding truck.

Hard Drive Shredding

The only sure way to protect your personal information on your computer is by having your hard drive shredded.

Even if you delete all the files on your old computer hard drive, your personal information can still be recovered.  If you’re especially nervous about your data, you can shred it yourself in our machine, and certificates of destruction are available as well.

Streator Unlimited, Inc.

Paper & Hard Drive Shredding

(815) 673-5574


Service Cost Pickup/Destination Charge
Paper Shredding on-site at Streator Unlimited $.22/pound No charge if you bring it to us;

$.60 a mile if we pick up


Computer Hard Drive Shredding on-site at Streator Unlimited $3.30/drive No charge if you bring to us;

$.60 a mile if we pick up

Paper Shredding on-site at your place of business $.24/pound No charge in Streator


Out of Town: $.60/mile

Community Shred Day at your place of business $110.00/hour No charge in Streator


Out of Town: $.60/mile

Locked Shred Bin/Bins placed at your business:
·         If we exchange for an empty bin and shred at SU Streator –  $34.00 per pickup


Out of Town – $38.00 per pickup

No charge in Streator


Out of Town, $.60/mile roundtrip

·         If we shred on-site at your place of business Streator – $.24/pound


Out of Town – $.24/pound

No charge in Streator


Out of Town , $.60/mile

·         Place additional bins at your place $23.00/bin N/A
·         Bin Rental (if not pickup or shredding needed during month? $12.00/month N/A


*All prices current as of September 2018.