Streator Unlimited Agency PSW Services

One of the not so known services that we have been providing the last year or so, is our Agency Homebased PSW work. We have 3 current consumers that come to our Day Services, that we also do Personal Support Work with in the community and in their homes. This ranges anywhere from grocery shopping, going to the movies, out to eat, helping support them getting to their Epilepsy Support Group meetings, to making homemade pizza in their home. Looks delicious Theresa and Ginger!

SUdogs :)

We had a great time today making our own Murals, and a plus.. our hallways look beautiful as a result. Two of the Walldogs got wind and paid us a visit also, which was super cool. They were very impressed by everyone’s work, and everyone loved to hear the comments and praise from the two artists and from everyone in the building. It was a proud day for many


Take Me Out To The Ballgame!!

The Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, based at the University of Illinois, hosted 11 Individuals and 5 staff to a Chief’s baseball game in Peoria and lunch. This event came about because of Avalon Dittmer, who is an APO sister and a seasonal DSP at Streator Unlimited/Kent. Avalon indicated that she wanted to do something nice for the Individuals and introduce her APO brother and sisters to the Individuals who have come to mean so much to her. The Individuals and staff had an amazing day with Avalon and APO. Judy Whitney indicated that the Avalon and her friends made everyone feel special and made time to talk with each one of them. The game picked up in the fifth inning with the Chiefs winning 7 to 5. Thank you Avalon and APO!!! We had an AWESOME time.