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SUCCESS is a service to both businesses and people with disabilities.  True success arises from familiarity.  We get to know the people we serve thoroughly–their skills, talents, interests, and ideal working conditions.  We get to know businesses well by spending time in the environment.  Then we match them up together in a way that is beneficial for both the person and the business.

This challenging economic environment is the perfect time for businesses to avail themselves of our services.  When you’re already in a mode of accommodating external economic conditions you need to be able to make internal adjustments in order to stay efficient and effective.  Consultation from SUCCESS can help you to identify new ways to look at responsibilities and work patterns in your business.  Also, the people we serve can sometimes access funds to support their

employment.  This could potentially pay for a piece of equipment your business needs if it gives the person an opportunity for a job.  What makes more sense than seizing an opportunity to bring a good employee into your workplace and also access resources to make your business grow?

We have extensive training in the area of customized employment.

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Graduating from High School?

  • Check out our Transition Brochure
  • Save copies of old psychological evaluations and IEPs forever to prove eligibility!
  • If you have a developmental disability make sure you get on the waiting list “PUNS” for adult services!
  • How do I Get Services?
  • If you have any kind of disability at all and want help finding a job, contact our SUCCESS Program.