Day Services

Day Program

Developmental Training: provides services to people with developmental disabilities to pursue their dreams. Focuses include self advocacy, participation in the community, building adult daily-living skills; and increasing vocational skills.   Each of our classrooms is painted a different color to help people distinguish between them and be as independent as possible in following their own schedule.  All rooms are equipped with computers and Internet access.  We have specialized software available and also a touch screen with visually-based programs.  Our consumers choose which classes will be offered and make changes to their schedule on a regular basis.  Some current favorites are:  digital photography, music, art, men versus women in trivia, and health.  We also have a projection screen and Wii system available.  People in Developmental Training also have opportunities to earn money in the Workshop.

Workshop: supports people with developmental disabilities to increase their work skills through paid-work opportunities and vocational training.

Though most of the people we serve communicate in either spoken or written English, we can accommodate all communication needs and obtain interpreters in all languages as well as ASL.  We can also produce brochures, handbooks and other documents in different languages as well as braille to meet your communication needs.