Illinois Epilepsy Support and Resources

Would you like to play test our new game? The Windows version is ready to try out.  Go here, download “”, then unzip on your PC.  Inside the main folder click on the file (not the folder) “Epilepsy Self Care with Streator Unlimited.”  If this is outside of your technical comfort zone, don’t worry–once it’s finished there will be very user-friendly versions available for different devices.  This game was created by the Game Development Special Interest Group, which is a subset of Illinois State University’s student chapter of the Association for Information Technology Professionals and Association for Computing Machinery, to help reinforce good self-care skills for people with epilepsy.





We provide supports to children and adults with epilepsy and their families in Central and Northwest Illinois. These include but are not limited to: peer support, caregiver support, support in accessing benefits, navigating insurance, identification and linkage to medical professionals, access to counseling, and help coordinating transportation.

To learn more, contact Stephanie Harcharik at 815.673.5574 or visit our Facebook page, Illinois Epilepsy Supports and Resources.



Transportation can be a challenge. Once place to start is the Illinois Public Transit Service System.