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Illinois Epilepsy Support and Resources

At Illinois Epilepsy Support and Resources, we are proud of the impact that programs like the Epilepsy Initiative are making on the community. These are just a few examples of how these programs are improving the lives of community members in our service areas.

Medical Help

We helped people locate medical services in their area, obtain medical cards, and navigate payment for prescriptions

Support Groups

We connected people to our in-person and online support groups including:
Getting a tablet and learning to join support groups.
Learning how to speak to other people about their epilepsy.

Counseling and Support

We arranged for free counseling for individuals who needed assistance resolving emotional issues.

Housing Needs

We helped individuals access emergency funding from the Illinois Department of Developmental Disabilities to have a place to live with 24 hour support available.

Employment Help

We linked individuals to programs that help them find employment.

Daily Living Support

We helped individuals access funding for daily in-home living support and assisted living tasks such as grocery shopping and trips to the movies.

Transportation Support

We helped obtain rideshare coupons for public transportation.