A Great Week to Celebrate

It’s National Direct Support Professional Recognition this week.  This copy of the US Senate Resolution says it all.  The relationships built between our employees who provide direct services and the people we serve is the whole reason SU is here.  We are incredibly lucky that so many good people are dedicated to our mission.  It is high time that direct support services be funded at a level commensurate with this awesome responsibility.

SU Budget Update

DHS notified us that our grants are restored through December.  This is great news, though whether that funding will continue is in question.  We have made a budget that will keep SU financially stable without any further cuts/adjustments through the end of June.  We won’t be able to plan too much for after June until we get a better idea of the state’s financial picture.

Thank you to everyone for your support as we all work our way through these economic challenges.

The future of state funding.

The article linked below is about next year’s state budget for Illinois.  Our state facing a huge budget gap.  What will that mean in terms of funding for human services?  How important will services for adults with developmental disabilities seem in contrast with other priorities for the state?  Are these services important to you?  How do you let people know that?


Website Makeover

https://streatorunlimited.org recently got a bit of a makeover and switched web hosts.  If you have any comments or suggestions email me or use the “Contact” form. We’re still working on getting the right images together for the site, but they should be coming soon. Check back for updates.


Successful grant requests

Our classrooms have been enhanced over the last couple of months with two successful grant requests.  The Dollar General Foundation gave us funds for new computer hardware for the classrooms and also literacy software.  One of the things we purchased with these funds was a touch screen with software designed for visual learners, called the DT Trainer.  Employees and consumers have been enjoying the new additions.

Also, Reading Horizons donated phonics software and curriculum out of their Lemons for Literacy Program.  We are in the process of identifying a classroom in which to place these new resources.