Services to Businesses

We have a wide variety of jobs that we have done/or do. Let us know what we can do for you!


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Business Services

The work we do for different companies is a true win-win.  Companies enjoy the resources of our warehouse, docks, equipment, and pool of supervisors and workers.  The people we serve get opportunities to earn money, build their work skills and gain a true sense of pride.



Our engraver is a rotary-on-metal and plastic unit.  It’s perfect for general business products as well as gifts. We can engrave your own items or offer a wide selection of media to choose from.  Engraving gives our consumers a chance to utilize both machine operation and computer skills.

Powder Coating 

Do you need a highly durable and attractive metal finish that is available in a wide variety of colors, glosses, and textures? We provide a quick turn around since products do not need a primer or base coat applied, eliminating the wait of traditional liquid paint.

Powder coating is very durable and resistant to chemical and environmental stress, making it a great candidate for everything from furniture to industrial implements.

We dry-coat powder paint parts for a variety of manufactures. Please contact us for a quote.


Our consumers do an excellent job of packaging/repackaging a variety of products. We are experienced in packaging glass containers, metal containers, and plastic buckets from pallets to cardboard boxes made to order for each job. Let us handle every step from box assembly to readying product for shipment.  You also free up your own space by sending this work to our warehouse.

Other Services

Quality Control

Keep your employees on the jobs you need them to do while you outsource your product inspections and re-works to us. We have detail-oriented workers who have saved production runs by identifying and fixing errors, removing extra components from product packaging, re-cut dip tubes to appropriate lengths, sorted good from damaged product, meticulously repaired damaged items and handled other large run issues. Contact us to see if we can help your business save product, time and money.

Sorting and Assembly

This is our bread-and-butter.   We have a large number of consumers who really enjoy this work and take great pride in doing it well.  We have repackaged items from wholesale to retail packaging, prepared items to go on retail display, put together assembly packages, heat-sealed parts for delayed, final assembly.


We have the space and workers to prep your documents for mass mailing.  You won’t need to pay your own staff overtime or take time away from their other duties, nor to bring in and find space for a temporary worker.

Janitorial and Floor Care Services

We do general cleaning as well as stripping and refinishing floors. We are clean carpets using an environmentally-friendly spay/dry enzymatic process.   This kind of work complements the other jobs we do and gives our consumers opportunities to utilize their various skills and talents.

Moments Remembered Memorial Ornaments

Thank you for your interest in our dried flower ornaments.  Dried flowers are a wonderful way to preserve a remembrance of an important occasion.  Your purchase also provides work opportunities to people with developmental disabilities here at SU.