SU Garden Planted!

Last week we planted our new vegetable garden here at the main building.  This was the culmination of more than a year’s work of planning, seeking donations and preparation of the area.

We extend many thank you’s:  Ralph Feken for the donation of soil; Streator High School for plants; Ball Seeds for, well, seeds; The SU Foundation for funds for equipment and other needs; our intrepid team of planters; project coordinator Melanie Ensign; Mike Cinnamon for tilling and more; donations of plants and tools from people in the community and board members of both the SU and SU Foundation Boards of Directors.

This will be a learning year for us as we see how well different things grow for us.  We’ll be providing training opportunities for our consumers and will discover their interests as well.  In the future we hope to continue to take this messy, unused area and create a beautiful green space, with some wheel-chair accessible garden beds, shelter and outdoor furniture, and flower beds.

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