Heading into autumn with a variety of activities:

  • A nice trip to Spring Lake Park–check out the photos on our Facebook page.
  • Another batch of jalapeno jelly made from our garden.
  • Continuing preparations for Food for Thought.
  • Looking at starting a car detailing business at the Streator Incubator.
  • We got a new medium-duty lift van from a successful IDOT grant application.  We moved one of our lift vans to Kent Street so that it would be easier for everyone to get out together sometimes.
  • Work on the Illinois Street House continues…it was a slow summer for that, but things will be picking up now.
  • We’re putting off a lot of purchases until the state budget shakes out (it will shake out at some point, won’t it?).  Due to court orders, we’re getting paid, which takes a lot of pressure off, but they could still cut our funding retroactive to July 1 as part of a budget deal.  We sure hope not–we’re not entirely sure how we’d be able to deal with that.
  • We’re hiring evening/midnight/weekend residential positions.

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