Getting Questions on the Income Tax Increase

We’ve had a number of questions about whether or how the income tax increase may affect Streator Unlimited.  It is hard to predict, but we believe the main positive impact is that it will be much less likely to lead to further cuts to the Medicaid Waiver or Medicaid funding we receive for our programs.  This would be a very good thing and a big relief.  It will not restore funding to the consumers whose grant funding was cut.  It will not assure the state will pay us in a timely manner either.

Another article in today’s Times describes a possible settlement of a lawsuit against the State of Illinois.  People with developmental disabilities who live in institutions (defined here as  homes of 16 or more persons) would be allowed to take their funding with them in moving into smaller group homes.  It would also require the state to take 3,000 people off the 20,000 person waiting list over the next few years.  That would be good news for people with developmental disabilities who want their services in their own communities instead of having to move to large places to get them.

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