Mid-day Monday

Day program is running. Fitzsimmons looks like it has little damage and may be ready to occupy after inspection, power back on, and cleaning up. Knox will need a new door, some new windows, some work on the roof, and a lot of cleanup. We’ll have a better idea tomorrow how long it will be for it to be ready–hopefully not too long.

We’ve had lots of offers for help and they are truly appreciated, with a special thanks to Illinois Valley Industries, Friendship House, Horizon House, Access Services and DHS. Cheri French is organizing a laundry brigage as we have around 20 loads of laundry to get us caught up. We’ll put the word out for a cleaning crew when Knox is ready for that. Employees have also gone well above and beyond, offering help, going without sleep, helping residents get across downed limbs to make it over to an open road, hauling mattresses, organizing very complex scheduling and communication. If the saying is true that you don’t really know who your friends are until you’re in deep trouble, then we know with absolute certainty that Streator Unlimited is blessed with many great friends.

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