New Year

The holiday season is over and here comes the new year.  It will be an interesting one with a new governor and Illinois’ budgetary challenges.  We don’t have a sense of what will happen yet…could be funding cuts, more payment delays, new revenue for the state, etc.  We’re keeping an ear out so we can plan as best we can and working on educating our new governor and the new representatives and senators on the importance of what we do.

Work slows down a little this time of year as businesses with whom we contract have days off and employees taking time off and needing product in their own warehouse for inventory.  We’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to do some painting, waxing and buffing, cleaning, and dragging out the old Richard Simmons videos.  Things are picking back up now though.  We have a shredding job in Coal City today as well as more shredding in-house.

We’re gradually preparing for our big SU 50th anniversary party from 4-7 pm on Thursday, May 7.  We want a big turnout, so please save the date and encourage your coworkers, friends and families to come.  We’ll have soft drinks and adult beverages, tasty food, cool door prizes, the jazz band and more!  If they don’t know anything about SU, that’s fine too…just tell them free eats and drinks and music.  We absolutely love people to see what we do–often they will have a helpful idea then and there or sometime down the road.

We wish a happy and healthy new year to you all and thank you for all the support you have given us over recent years and over the last 50.

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