Nice Open House

Thank you to everyone who made it last night.  We had a good turnout, tasty food, and are already $248 closer to our goal.  If you’re ever wondering how you can help out SU:

  • Write a check to help us reach our goal.
  • Get someone else to write a check.
  • Dedicate a fundraiser to SU.
  • Help us find some shredding jobs.
  • Help us find other contract work–we can do all sorts of things.
  • Anything that is a sit-down job that about everyone can do is fantastic.
  • Invite us to bring a consumer to your business to learn about different types of jobs.
  • Volunteer to help with Food for Thought 2012.
  • Bring a group in to take a tour.  We never know how, but something good always comes out of a tour.

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