State Budget Impasse Letter

Non-Profit Budget Impasse Impact

SU is just one of the agencies that has signed this letter.  We start our new fiscal years on July 1, and it really is difficult to set a budget without knowing what our state funding will be.  Fortunately for SU, the state has notified us that we will receive funding in our coming year.  We don’t know for sure that our rates won’t be cut though.  We’ll also have difficulty if they pass a minimum wage increase but don’t give us additional funding to cover it.  So, for now, we’re cutting back on our spending and reducing outings for our residents, and holding off on filling positions that go empty.

The major challenge is that we won’t receive any payments from the state until they pass a budget.  That’s scary!  We do have a line of credit we can draw on if our bank accounts empty out.  We certainly hope it doesn’t come to that.

We also empathize with agencies whose funding is not guaranteed by the state beginning July 1.  If they keep providing services, they don’t know of they’ll get paid for them until a state budget is passed!  Some can’t afford to do that.  Hopefully this budget will be completed very soon.



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