SU Foundation Annual Fund Drive

Here is the SU Foundation’s fundraiser letter. If you need a paper copy, donation slip, or anything else just reply to this email.   Checks can be made out to   Streator Unlimited Foundation Inc. PO Box 706 Streator, IL 61364

Dear Streator Unlimited Supporters,

The Streator Unlimited Foundation provides opportunities to Streator Unlimited’s consumers above and beyond everyday needs. Your voluntary contribution makes a huge difference. Please give generously to achieve our annual fund drive goal of $15,000!

We have frequently been asked the question, “How is SU doing?”  Perhaps you have the same question.  Here’s the good news and the bad news:

Good News:  We have maintained our dedicated and loyal staff.  Keeping good staff means offering stability and understanding for people with disabilities.  We have not had any employee layoffs.

Bad News:  We have not provided any raises for two years, have doubled the employee insurance contribution, reduced the 401k match from 3% to 1%, reduced staff hours (and thus wages), and eliminated our Christmas gift to staff.

Good News:  Charitable gifts and fundraisers have helped cover expenses in spite of state-funding cuts and late payments.

Bad News:  The state-funding situation isn’t changing and could be worse next year.  The proposed budget includes elimination of all workshop program funding and a 2.5% cut to everything else.  The state also plans to wait even 1.5 months longer than they are now to pay us.

Good News:  We remain committed to our mission of excellence in service to people with disabilities.

Bad news:  We cannot continue with business as usual.  The current economic and state funding conditions have impacted how we provide needed services.  We have a growing waiting list for our workshop program.  All paid time off for consumers was eliminated.  The residential food budget was cut 20%.  Recreational and community outings have been sharply curtailed.

Good News:  Your help is more important than ever!  There are many ways you can support our services to people with disabilities:  a generous gift to this fund drive, including SU in your will, donating stocks or other property which have appreciated in value.

Please support our continued services during this fund drive.


The SU Foundation Board of Trustees:

Anthony Enno Jr

Janet Spies

Dorothy Black

Jan Fitzsimmons

Jamie Middleton

Ralph Hermann

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