TGIF Update

No changes as we head into the weekend.  There are IDOT trucks out by Knox cleaning up the branches.  It’s going to look strange to have the drive without that nice row of pines.  The fellows from Eplin are out working on the sofit.  The debris in the yard is largely picked up.  Waiting on the door, windows, phones. One air conditioning unit at Knox it working, but won’t hold out long, so we’ll be ordering a replacement.

We’ve had some donations from the website, in person, and via gift cards to local restaurants.  These, along with the donations of food, have been truly appreciated.  We’ll try to get a list of thank you’s together when things get settled down again, but there’s no way we won’t leave somebody out, because so many have helped amidst this chaos.

If you’re out and about this weekend, our displaced residents would welcome some company to break up the day, so please stop by.  Thank you all for your support.

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