Thursday afternoon update

Things are improving out at the homes.  Please check out the latest pictures here on the site.

Fitzsimmons:  we’re ready to move in once the phone lines are back up and we check the fire alarm system.  We project phone service to be restored late on Monday.

Knox:  It could be a week and a half.

  • We have the door on order, but that’s the thing that may come last.  It’s a very specific type of door that is required, so not something we can run out and buy.
  • We have to replace the broken windows on the front of the building.
  • We have to replace the sofit (?–that stuff under the roof on the outside) and have a little section where the frame will have to be built out.
  • Need the phones on and fire systems working.
  • There are plenty of other things to do, but they can be done after people are back in their own home.

We’ve started a Tornado Relief Fund to support our residents in their dislocation and to help get them back into their home.  The link is on this web page.

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