State Budget Update

Here’s an article on the state budget. As community-based human services, we’re used to getting the worst of it, unfortunately.

We are awaiting more details of how this will impact SU’s state funding for FY12, which begins July 1. DHS was cut overall, but where the cuts come was not specified in the budget that went to the governor. We hear there are two possibilities: rates will not be cut but payments will be later, or, rates will be cut but payments won’t be as late. If we could choose, we’d want the rates to not be cut. If Illinois cuts the rates, they will be giving up federal medicaid match money, which doesn’t seem wise. That’s not to say the late payments aren’t a serious challenge.

It would be a novel experience to know what our state funding is before having to budget for the coming fiscal year. In the past few years the budget hasn’t been passed until July or even August, and it was a stressful rollercoaster of cuts threatened and rescinded and put back in and changed or taken out. Hopefully we’ll have all the details soon.

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