Nothing much changed from previous updates as of this morning.  Our insurance adjuster is out this morning.  We still don’t have power out at Knox or Fitzsimmons yet.  Folk are still either with their family or staying at our main building.  Thank you Jenny’s mom and also Kathy Graham who have cooked supper.  Displaced residents are coping in an admirable manner.  I’m hopeful we’ll have some projected timeframes and plans for getting the homes open again this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  Day program continues to be up and running and things are fine at Ralph Plumb and the apartments.

We’ve had lots of offers of help, which we truly appreciate.  I’ll let people know as the opportunities arise.  Right now, a breakfast casserole for 20 would be handy here at the main building, where we’ve got an oven and refrigerator.  Also some kind of easy snack for evening for around 20 people that isn’t too messy.  Just bring them by the main office.  We’ll probably hit people up to help cleaning inside Knox when we get to that point, and may ask for a few more days help with meals as we get back in and restock the fridge and freezer from scratch.

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