Wednesday update

The power is back on at Fitzsimmons.  If we can get the phone lines working (for our fire alarm system) and have some luck, we may actually move back in today.

Knox has power too.  Today we’ll put the air conditioning units back up and see if they work.  The new door and windows have been ordered and will hopefully be here soon.  We have work to do on debris.  Once all that is done, the IL Dept of Public Health will have to come and review and give us permission to move back in.  We can’t put together a timeframe for all this yet, but hopefully it won’t be too long.

The residents would much rather be back in their own beds, but are doing fine in their temporary arrangement here at the main building or staying home with family.

As powerful as that tornado was, the dedication and commitment of everyone connected to SU is an even greater thing.

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