Wednesday Afternoon

The Three Rivers Baptist Association had a crew of 12-13 guys out at Knox today, cutting up all the downed trees and getting them into a pile.  I’m told Channel 20 news out of Peoria stopped by to do a tv interview and will have them on a story tonight at 6:00.  This is a great bunch of guys, volunteers from several different places.  Mayor Lansford had sent them our way and gave us a call in the afternoon to check in on how we were doing, which was a really cool thing to do.  Also, thanks to Brian and Thomas who were out there with their chainsaw today as well.

We didn’t get the luck we were counting on to move back into Fitzsimmons.  Everything’s ready except the phone line, for which we have a service appointment of 6:00 pm on Monday, unless they can manage something sooner.  Why can’t we just get by with a cell ph0ne?  Our fire alarm system is connected to response agencies via the telephone lines.  When it’s not connected to the lines, it emits a high warning tone.  We don’t feel it is save to move back in without the fire alarm system being functional to keep the residents safe.

Indoor cleanup is progressing nicely at Knox.  We still need the new back door to arrive and then install it.  Once that’s done, we’ll see what remaining repairs can wait until after the residents have moved in and which ones will have to be done before.

What would be helpful, since it looks like residents will be staying here over the weekend, would be some company on Saturday or Sunday.  You and one of our staff could go with consumers on a walk to the park, or sit and do a jigsaw puzzle with someone, play the cello for us, or anything along those lines.  If you’ve got some nice outdoor space for a cookout it would be really great for everyone to get outside and away for a while.  Call me at the main office or send an e-mail through the website if you’re interested.

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